Intuitive, rapidly deployable and behaviourally focused work and risk management app.


Designed with Future Integration and Scalability.

Impressive Design

User Friendly design. Can be customized for your brand. Works both online-offline. Capture images, send push notification. Add multiple checklist.

CheckList Builder

Our Admin dashboard provides a fully flexibility feature that allows a user to use the app for any checklist or task list they require by just adding a new checklist or modifying an existing one.


We understand that running a successful business or operation is all about managing risk effectively and efficiently. One System approach make all the information your need for effective decision making in your reach.

One Click Report

Generate daily- weekly reports. Provides Live business impact alerts. Routine Service Alerts. Enable greater insight for Asset, Operation, and Behaviour.


Saves time and efforts, all forms are digitally stored. Uniform tracking/auditing. Increase compliance. Behaviour alignment, Improves Inspection productivity.

Continuous Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services. We cater for our client globally and can able to provide support to any team across the world.

Our Team

Our team has an extensive range of skills, practical capabilities and experience ideally suited to the challenges of creating, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining the latest technology solutions in the mining industry. Our specialists’ skills help give your business the best results when it comes to software development and implementation.
The leadership team behind our product, CheckLi is a dynamic mix of diverse skills that brings together more than 60 years of global experience in mining. The team is driven by passion to innovate mining and bring relevant digital transformation through system thinking to the mining industry.

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